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    • Globvia works with middle market technology companies to ACCELERATE growth through Strategic Transactions. We provide access to new markets, new channels, new technology, thereby facilitating accelerated inorganic growth in a cost effective manner. Globvia, collaborates with mid to large technology companies on a Retainer and Program based model. These types of strategic engagements generally focus on business and market strategy; M & A strategy, target identification and integration; channel development and globalization; competitive analysis; brand evolution and/or new product development; and, marketing plans with integrated lead generation programs.

      Globvia develops strategic and tactical plans for every aspect of a technology company's lifecycle. We provide executive and board level feedback with resources to help steer technology companies to align their operations with market opportunities. While it is easy to qualify these Strategic Engagements as 'traditional consulting', we work with a variety of companies in both project and retainer-based engagements to push the boundaries of what would normally be delivered, focusing on cost-effective and implementable deliverables. Globvia would operate more as a 'partner' than a consultant, providing all the services necessary to accelerate our client's businesses. The Client has comfort in the knowledge that there is a trusted partner at the helm supported by a deep and experienced team to meet its needs in a seamless manner.

      Our clients profit from our extensive connections in the industry and our deep understanding of the relationships between the enterprise clients and technology providers.

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