8 Benefits of Choosing a Single-Source BPO Partner

Finding the right BPO partner to handle areas in your business is critical to your company’s success. It will require you to conduct a thorough research and study with regards to the quality of service, financial standing, and potential of the BPO companies you’re considering before choosing who among them will provide your business with the most value.

Although multiple sourcing has its advantages such as assigning projects to a specific specialization, single sourcing offers consistency and efficiency that is usually lacking in multiple sourcing models.

Here are other reasons you should consider a single-source BPO partner.

1. Efficiency

Since only one BPO company handles all your outsourced projects, laying out roles and responsibilities for both businesses is easier than having to coordinate with several providers.

Communication is also less complex between you and your provider, as well as those involved in handling your company’s accounts. There are greater chances for productivity and efficiency because every department is running on the same page.

2. Visibility

Since only one company is handling your accounts, it is easier to track orders and monitor how your business is performing with regards to these outsourced projects.

Problems and threats can be easily detected, as you’ll most likely be looking at an integrated dashboard with all the necessary information, including cost, which you need to make important business decisions.

3. Consistency in Quality

You can ensure consistency in the quality of output and execution of processes because everything is coming from only one company with the same set of standard for their services.

And since only one company is responsible, they are expected to take full responsibility for the system that they follow.

4. Lower Costs and Savings

It is easier to negotiate for lower costs when you are entrusting many projects to only one company, than with multiple service providers.

Paying multiple vendors may also cost more since you are entrusting areas by specializations. Outsourcing to only one provider lessens delivery costs and minimizes additional charges. Lower outsourcing costs will allow you to allocate your budget to other areas in your business that needs it.

5. Strong and Loyal Business Partnership

Ensuring that your clients receive exceptional service from your company is easier when communication and coordination are smooth.

Building a strong partnership between your business and your BPO provider is easier when you only have one company to deal with, than spreading yourself thin trying to build the same kind of relationship with several providers.

6. Streamlined Training

You can better utilize your time and resources that you don’t have to spend in training because it is less difficult to coordinate and organize training with only one service provider.

7. Enhanced Brand Image

Delivering consistent excellent services and consistency in your brand message will increase your reputation among your clients. This can be achieved best when the quality of these services are coming from only one source.

Get the Job Done Excellently

You can get multiple providers for different departments, but there is less guarantee that these providers would perform in the same manner, as the best of them will.

Getting the job done in an efficient and consistent manner is critical for any business, which is why you should carefully consider the BPO company that you will want to forge an agreement with. The simpler the process, the better it is for your company.


Resource: http://www.blog.infinit-o.com/8-benefits-choosing-singlesource-bpo-partner/


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