7 Effective Outsourcing Trends in 2015 You Should Implement in 2016 and Beyond

The BPO industry thrived on the new improvements introduced in 2015, from the quality of service BPO providers give to their clients to utilizing technology to best meet service requirements.

Here’s a list of the most successful ones that every outsourcing company should implement towards the end of this year to the next:

1. Client satisfaction

This year, BPO companies have raised the standards in terms of pursuing client satisfaction. It is no longer just about passively filling in the positions, but a partnership that ensures that you can provide your clients the best service they can possibly receive.

2. Quality of service + Cost Cutting

It is no secret that the cost efficiency of partnering with an outsourcing company is one of the major reasons why companies look for BPO providers to work with. However, 2015 saw the success of outcome-based agreements wherein companies can pay for the right outcome.

BPO’s now address quality of cost, and the speed to deliver as required by the client, and the efficiency for which the service had been delivered.

3. Multiple-Sourcing partners

Companies no longer need to be tied to only one BPO provider but can partner with several outsourcing companies according to the specialization needed for each project that requires outsourcing.

On top of it, cloud computing has made it possible for companies to negotiate shorter agreements with BPO’s wherein the deal ends once the project is completed,  instead of being forced to commit to long term agreements.

4. SaaS-based platforms

SaaS or Software as a Service is gaining more and more popularity among businesses as an alternative platform to limit the costs and simplify processes in business functionalities without sacrificing quality of output.

With SaaS, there is no need to pay for installations and setups, and does away with costly licensed applications.

5. Information Security Upgrades

Organizations have become more than aware that you can never be too careful against breaches in your security, and that there are no guarantees that hackers cannot infiltrate even the best security systems.

Companies have become more proactive in securing confidential files and in using better risk assessment and mitigation tools for increased file and systems security.

6. Client Process Analysis

There are opportunities to explore and analyze existing client processes in order to create the best training aids and enhance the skills of the staff absorbed by the BPO companies.

There are also necessary technology enhancements and processes that can help produce output according to the expectations of the clients.

7. Automation

According to a study conducted by Gartner, 2018 will see more and more BPO’s optimizing automation in handling routine-based processes instead of having to train workers for these tasks.

85% of the organizations registered under the AIOP acknowledge that the improvements this year had contributed greatly in achieving their outsourcing goals. 2015 is only the beginning.

The coming years will see even bigger innovations that will impact the BPO industry as it continues to push forward for greater global success.

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Resource: http://www.blog.infinit-o.com/7-effective-outsourcing-trends-2015-implement-2016/

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